An Unexpected Christmas Gift: Hot Air Balloon Ride

An Unexpected Christmas Present: Hot Air Balloon Ride - Compass Balloons - www.spousesproutsme

If you know me, then you probably know that I’m more of an experience type of gift person than a tangible gift person. When my cousin came down to visit a couple of weeks ago, she surprised me with a hot air balloon ride! Now this couldn’t have come from a better person because she’s […]

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Travel Guide: Charleston, SC // Highlights

Travel Guide: Charleston, SC

Have you ever visited a place, and just couldn’t wait to get back to visit again because that’s all you could think about? Well my friends, that place for me is Charleston, SC. I can’t say enough great things about Charleston, it’s charm, and pretty much everything else! It’s been ranked #1 City in the […]

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Travel Guide: St. Augustine, FL in a Day

Travel Guid: St Augustine in a Day -

As most of you know, Tyler and I just got back from our Adult/Business trip to the South. It was an awesome trip and we couldn’t be more thankful for Tyler’s Mom and Aunt for flying down to San Diego to watch our kids. If you want to see some of the live action, then […]

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Traveling with Kids at the Airport

Traveling with kids at the Airport - Southwest Airlines -

Tyler and I just got back from our first Adult Trip in 2 years! The last time we did that was October 2016. We did a tour of the South: Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. My MIL and AIL were nice enough to fly in to watch the kids for a week. I was pretty […]

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Celebrating Dia De Los Muertos

As crazy as it may seem, if it weren’t for the movie Coco, I probably wouldn’t know what Dia De Los Muertos was all about. My son started to learn about it last week, and there was a huge celebration going on in Old Town, so we decided to trek on over and check it […]

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