Traveling with Kids at the Airport

Traveling with kids at the Airport - Southwest Airlines -

Tyler and I just got back from our first Adult Trip in 2 years! The last time we did that was October 2016. We did a tour of the South: Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. My MIL and AIL were nice enough to fly in to watch the kids for a week. I was pretty […]

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Travel Guide: Boston on a Budget

Travel Guide: Boston on a Budget - Boston in 3 Days -

Happy Thursday all! In honor of fall, I wanted to bring this post back up from when I was running my other blog, Mince and Mingle (it’s an older post so don’t mind the picture quality). Before my daughter was born (I’m pretty sure this is where she was conceived…OVERSHARE) my husband and I went […]

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Family Travel Guide: Seattle, WA

We usually take 2 big trips a year – one as a family, and one with just Tyler and me. We had to scrap our original family trip to Florida, so we ended up tagging along with Tyler on his work trip to Seattle. Seattle is such a beautiful city, and we definitely came at […]

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Packing 101: How to Pack a Crap Load in ONE Suitcase

Hey you guys. Thanks for coming back for another Tip Tuesday… I guess that’s what it’s turned into. Today, I’m showing you how to pack a crap load of stuff for a family of 4. I was packing for a 5 day trip to Seattle, WA. I seriously pride myself on my super ninja packing […]

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