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Monster Jam tips before you go

We were hosted by Feld Entertainment to attend a show and help promote it. All thoughts and opinions are my own. There are also affiliated links in this post. I may make a commission if you purchase a product from the link, at no extra cost to you.

Monster Jam Tips

Monster Jam tips for you before you go because we just went, and now I’m pretty much a pro… lol. I’m hoping you can sense the sarcasm there, because this was my first show, but my son gave me a lot of pointers since he’s been before. If you’re planning on going to a show or are going to your first show, then keep reading because these tips will help a mama out.

What to know about Monster Jam

It’s not what you think of when you think of Monster Trucks. Cars aren’t getting smashed, and big trucks aren’t jumping over cars. It’s all about speed, skill, and of course the tricks! The drivers, crew members, and show staff, all go through extensive training at Monster Jam University, and it’s more than just driver training. You can definitely tell it all pays off because the show put on is incredible.

Family at Pit Party

Monster Jam Tips

Alright, now this is what you came for. If this is your first time going, it can be a little confusing, and when you’re wearing your ear plugs or headphones, it may be hard to hear what the announcers are saying, so you don’t know what’s going on. So here are some tips I have for you, from before you leave your house, to during the show.

Purchase a Pit Party pass

This is an add on to your admission ticket to the show, and I believe it’s around $20 or so. Make sure to check the website for up-to-date pricing. The Pit Party pass gives you access to the pre-show where you get to take pictures with the drivers, get up close to the Monster Trucks, and enjoy other fun activities.

Check the stadium bag policy

Save yourself the trouble of having to go back to your car to put away your non-stadium approved bags. Most stadiums have a clear bag or small clutch policy and will allow diaper bags if you have a child with you. The stadium, we went to only allows clear bags that are 14x6x14, a small clutch or purse, or a diaper bag as long as you have a child with you.

Pack ear plugs and/or headphones

Don’t think that you’re above the loud noises. Make sure to pack enough ear plugs, and then some extra in case the kids lose one. I think headphones are the better way to go, so you can take them on and off easier to hear. The souvenir stands have kid size ones that are Monster Truck themed and lights up. Make sure to pay attention to the screen because it’s hard to hear the announcers.

Adult Sizes

Kid Sizes

Pack a light sweater or jacket

They keep the arena cold to help keep the trucks cool. That being said, it’s a good idea to pack a light sweater or jacket. Carter always thinks he’s too cool for a sweatshirt or anything like that and ended up having to wear my cardigan. I would say the stadium is as cold as it for a hockey game, so definitely layer or pack that sweater or jacket.

Charge your phone

Aside from being able to take pictures and videos, you’ll want to make sure your phone is charged so you can join in on the judging. The drivers and Monster Trucks win each event by the scores the audience gives them. Type in on your phone’s search browser and type in the code the announcer provides you with. After each Monster Truck performs, you have 20 seconds to score them.

Learn the lingo

If you really want to go all out, then definitely learn the lingo. Here’s a link with all the moves and what they’re called. There’s 4 different competitions throughout the show – racing, skills, donut, and freestyle competition – and it’s always fun to know what each skill is called as the drivers and doing them.

Be prepared for the concession stands

If you’re going with kids, you know they’re definitely going to want a souvenir, cotton candy, shaved ice, etc. Be prepared to shell out some money for those items because they can get pricey. We spent $40 ($20 each) for cotton candy and shaved ice, but the cotton candy came with the mask, and the shaved ice came with a cup you can keep. The shaved ice ranged from $20 – $40, and the difference was the size and style of cup. Each stadium will be different with the food, but the standard kid’s meal at ours was $7 or 8 for a hot dog, chips, and a drink. So at least that is reasonable.

Ultimate Monster Jam tip of the Monster Jam tips

HAVE FUN! Enjoy the time with your family, cheer loud, and make those memories.

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