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LEGO Ferrari Build & Race at LEGOLAND California Resort Tour

This LEGO Ferrari Build & Race post is made possible by LEGOLAND California Resort. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

LEGOLAND California Resort -

LEGO Ferrari Build & Race should definitely be on your summer bucket list. Are you and/or your kids into LEGOS and… fancy sports cars?!?!? We were hosted by LEGOLAND California Resort to explore the LEGO Ferrari Build & Race attraction that opened in May 2022. We all had such a blast that we’ve could’ve spent all day at the attraction. Keep reading to take a tour and experience the attraction with us.

Where it’s located

When you first walk into the park, walk to your right, and it’s right past the LEGO Ninjago attractions. To make it even easier and better on the environment, ditch the paper maps and download the mobile app which has the park map, ride wait times, show times, and more!

Ferrari Build & Race -

Life-size LEGO Ferrari F40

Once you get to the front of the line, a pit-crew member will greet you and give you the whole spiel about what you can and can not do to the model car. Once inside, you’ll find fun facts and history about Ferrari all over the walls, and of course there’s the life size Ferrari F40 you can take your selfies with.
Lifesize LEGO Ferrari F40 -

LEGO Ferrari Build & Race

After you’ve taken your selfies for the ‘gram, you move over to the Build and Race area to build your mini Ferraris and put them to the test. There are a few different build areas, and a pit-crew member will walk around to pass out the tires for your race cars. Once you’re satisfied with your build, put them to the test on one of the many race tracks. Some have play backs of your race, and some will record your race time. This is where we spent most of our time. After you’re done, make sure to give your race car back to the pit-crew member so others can enjoy the Build & Race area too,

LEGO Ferrari Build & Race Racetrack

After you finally peel yourself and your kids away from that, you head over to the garage where there’s a digital race track where you create your own digital Ferrari race car, and race against others. There’s also a DUPLO build zone for the smaller tikes in this section, so the little ones are left out.

Winner’s block

When you’re all done, take a picture on the winner’s block, and do it all over again or enjoy the rest of the park!

Thanks for coming along on the LEGO Ferrari Build & Race attraction tour with us. Stay tuned for more of our LEGOLAND California Resort attraction tours. In the meantime, make sure to check out our stay at the LEGOLAND California Hotel.

LEGO Ferrari Build & Race

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