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Where to stay in Charlottesville – Graduate Charlottesville review

Are you trying to figure out where to stay in Charlottesville? If you’re a fan of themed hotels, then the Graduate Charlottesville may be for you. If you’re considering a stay, keep reading for my Graduate Charlottesville review. We had a great experience when we stayed at the Graduate Nashville, so we jumped on the $30 special a couple of weeks ago for our stay in Charlottesville. 

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About Graduate Charlottesville

The hotel is located right on the historic Main Street and is in a pretty central spot to all the activities and tours around University of Virginia (UVA). It’s a really cute hotel with themes centered around UVA and the town’s culture.


Hotel Lobby

If not for lounging, the hotel lobby is a great place for some selfies. It has some Bridgerton vibes… or at least what I think it would be lol. I don’t watch the show.

The Poindexter

The Poindexter is the hotel’s cafe. There’s an assortment of pastries and specialty coffees. It’s a great place to lounge around if you have a big group.

The Trophy Room

The Trophy Room is the rooftop restaurant. We didn’t eat there because the menu was super limited and was mostly burgers and cocktails, and we were burgered out. The rooftop does have some great views and a nice outdoor area. There’s also a ballroom on this floor, but I only got a quick peak at it.

The Game Room

I don’t think there’s a whole lot to do with the kids once it gets later in the day, so it was really nice to have the game room available. There’s a shuffleboard table, ping pong table, fooseball, and a bunch of board games to choose from. There was also a bar but no one was working it when we were there.

Hotel Gym

The gym was pretty basic. There were cardio machines and some free weights. We’re doing tons of walking at each stop so we didn’t utilize the gym.

Hotel Gym -

The room

There are a couple of different options you can choose from, and there are some great deals if you check out the website. When you’re deciding where to stay in Charlottesville, I think cost and location are big factors. Which brings me to our “Graduate King” room. I didn’t realize we only had a king bed when my husband booked the hotel, but it all worked out… and it was only $30 because of the special going on. Not really any different then when we’re at home and the kids cram into our room in the middle of the night.


I loved that the Graduate Charlottesville was centrally located, and that there were extra activities for the kiddos that other hotels don’t have. I was however, disappointed because the floors looked like they haven’t been vacuumed, it was dusty, and the furniture felt a little dingy. I’m going to attribute this to the fact that there is a staff shortage, but who knows. It seems like a lot of hotels we have been staying at are like this right now. We still enjoyed our stay and if it was cleaner, I’d be all in. I would recommend Graduate Charlottesville if you’re looking for where to stay in Charlottesville, and definitely ask for another cleaning when you arrive. After all, you’re paying to stay somewhere you can enjoy and be comfortable in.

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