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Travel gadgets and accessories for your flight

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Heya friends! I know you’re here for the list of travel gadgets and accessories for your flight, but I have some exciting news to share first. You Just Pack named SSAM as one of the “Best Family Travel Blogs You Need to Check Out in 2022!” Make sure you check out the article because I’m on there with some really good company. Now that that’s out my system, we can move on…

Must have in flight travel gadgets

I reassessed what I carry on for my flights, and I’m excited to add or swap out some items for these travel gadgets and accessories I found on Amazon.

Travel Gadgets and Accessories collage

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  1. Contoured sleep eye mask – This is not your typical eye mask. The part that lays on your eyes are hollowed out so you’re not messing up your eye makeup or putting pressure on your eyeballs. This is a must for me. Why? Because I’m a new found nap lover, and have a hard time sleeping without an eye mask now.
  2. Portable power bank – If you’re guilty of draining your electronics and forgetting to recharge, then this will definitely be handy. Even better if you have the window seat because it’s solar powered.
  3. Memory foam neck pillow – Memory foam is my jam, so a travel neck pillow? Sold! I used to never sleep while traveling, but I guess it starts happening as you get older… or so I’ve been told…
  4. Noise cancelling headphones – Sometimes you just want to hear what’s playing on your electronics, and not the other passengers’ drama. I must admit I do get a kick out of it sometimes though, lol.
  5. Blanket scarf – It can definitely get chilly on board, and pulling out a full on blanket or something bulky probably wouldn’t make your neighbor too happy. I’m definitely speaking from experience here, so let’s keep the Kumbaya on board and just get a blanket scarf.
  6. Cell phone holder – If you like your space, then you’ll like this one. The cell phone holder can clip onto the folding tray while it’s up, or hold your phone while the tray is down. Great for watching movies on your phone without having to hold the phone.

And there you have it my friends – Travel gadgets and accessories for your flight. Do you pack any of these items when you travel?


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