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Broadway at the beach rides – Myrtle Beach

Happy New Year! How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? We hung out at The Pavilion Park, which is at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach. Wow! That was a mouthful lol. Our Canadian besties had an extra room at their resort, and offered it to us, so we quickly took them up on their offer, and the rest is history (well at least 2021 history).

Broadway at the Beach Observation Wheel

Know before you go to Broadway at the Beach

Always make sure to check the park’s website for the most up-to-date info, but here’s what it was when we went.

Mask Mandate at Broadway at the Beach

There aren’t any. The Park’s website just pretty much lists the typical personal hygiene things like washing your hands, keeping your distance, etc.

Address and Park Hours

1171 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach SC 29577 / Opens between 11am and 1pm depending on which park and which days, so make sure to check out their website for accurate and up to date information.


There isn’t an entry free for Broadway at the Beach, the Pavilion Park, and parking is free. If you want to ride the rides and go to the attractions, then there is a fee. Each attraction has its own entry fee, however, you can purchase tickets or wristbands to ride the rides at the Fun Park and Action Park. It’s $1.75 for individual tickets, $38.50 for a wristband, various prices for ticket packages, and the Broadway 360 Observation Wheel (Huge enclosed Ferris wheel) is $10.50 per person. We were charged $1 to use a credit card.

*Bonus* Here’s a link to get $5 off a wristband or $3 off ticket prices. Make sure to browse around the link for coupons to other attractions and restaurants too.

Rides at Broadway at the Beach

The theme park is technically called The Pavilion Park, but it’s located at Broadway at the Beach, and that’s what most people search, so to keep it simple, I’ll be calling it Broadway at the Beach. There are two parks here – Action Park and Fun Park. Here’s where you can decide which ticket package you’ll buy. The tickets per ride range between 3 and 4 tickets, so it was worth it to us to buy a wristband for each kid. Here’s how I decided:

Wristband: $38.50 – $5.00 (coupon) = $33.50 + $1 (credit card fee) = $34.50

Ticket breakdown: $34.50 (wristband total) / $1.75 (individual ticket) = around 19 tickets = 4-6 rides

The kids are definitely riding 4-6 rides and then some when they go back to ride 2 or 3 more times each. It was a no brainer… well it took a lot of brain power for me lol. I’m not a math whiz.

Action Park at the Pavilion Park

Action Park at Broadway at the Beach

This is where all the big kid or thrill rides are. I think there were about 7 rides here and they were all 4 tickets each. The rides here require you to be 42 – 55 inches to ride alone or with an adult. Check out this link and click the rides to see the height requirements if you want to plan ahead.

Fun Park at the Pavilion Park

Fun Park at the Pavilion Park

This is where the kiddie rides and the Observation Wheel are. There were about 2 rides that were made for bigger kids, and most of the rides took 3 tickets – the rides for the bigger kids take 4 tickets. The Carousel was the only ride where the adults could ride with the child for free if the child was not 36 inches. Check out this link and click the rides to see the height requirements if you want to plan ahead.

Other things to do at Broadway at the Beach

Aside from the Pavilion Park rides, there are other attractions like Wonder Works, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, shops, restaurants, and more.

Final thoughts on Broadway at the Beach

Be prepared to spend a whole day here because there really is a lot to do. Not only that, Broadway at the Beach is set on 350 acres! We got lucky though because the lines for the rides didn’t get too long until late afternoon. There are also a lot of options for food, but keep in mind that there is a staffing shortage, so most restaurants that we called in to get a reservation, or stood in line for (and ended up leaving the line), only had a few waiters, chefs, etc, so the wait to get in the restaurant and for food were long.

Fret not though because since parking is free, it’s not a big deal to leave and come back if you want. The kids had a great time, however, I don’t know if I’d go back anytime soon, unless the kids wanted to. I’d say mostly because so many people were smoking right where the kids rides are. My hangry self also wasn’t thrilled with the shortage of staff at the restaurants. I guess that’s an issue everywhere though.

Broadway at the Beach


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