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LEGOLAND California Hotel review and what you need to know

*I was compensated for a partnership with LEGOLAND in May 2021. Although we were hosted for our stay, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

LEGOLAND California Hotel Review -

A trip to LEGOLAND California is one thing, but a stay at the hotel is another. We were hosted on our stay as a part of our media trip to cover the new LEGOLAND Movie World, and let me tell you – it did not disappoint! From the moment we walked in, we knew we were in for a treat. The stay was a surprise to the Sprouts, so you know they were excited!!! Keep reading, and I’ll give you all the deets.

Know before you go to LEGOLAND Hotel

LEGOLAND California -

COVID Protocols

There are still COVID protocols going on, so be prepared to have your masks handy. When we went, we were required to have our masks on indoors and out. Be sure to check out LEGOLAND California website for the most up to date information. There are hand sanitizing stations, and other safety measures being taken, so LEGOLAND Hotel is definitely being mindful of that.

Location, Hours, and Cost

One Legoland Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008 / 10am-5pm / Starting at $89.99 – make sure to check the website for up-to-date information regarding hours, pricing, and COVID Protocols

Although it says LEGOLAND Hotel is in San Diego, it’s actually in Carlsbad, which is in the county of San Diego. If you book your stay thinking you’re in San Diego itself, be prepared for about a 30 minute drive (depending on traffic).

What to expect at LEGOLAND Hotel

LegoLand Hotel Wall Mural

LEGOLAND California is recommended for kids 3-12 years, however, I’d say the hotel is perfect or kids 3-10ish. My kids were 3 and 8 at the time, but I think if we went a couple of years later, Carter would’ve outgrown the activities. Same goes for Kelsey. If we went when she was 2, she wouldn’t have really been able to participate in the activities as easily.

LEGOLAND Hotel is made for families, so if you’re planning a trip thinking you’re going to get R&R and you’re total anti-kid, you’re in the wrong place. Now if you’re planning a trip and worried your kids are going to go whackadoodle, well then cast your fears aside, because this is the perfect place for them to do it. And you can feel okay about it, and not fear that crazy stink eye from others lol. It’s also connected to the park and you have your own entrance to get in.

There are a couple of restaurants located inside the hotel, however, they were closed when we went. Definitely check to make sure they’re open before you go, and if all else fails, there are a lot of options near by and in the park.

Checking in at LEGOLAND Hotel

Checking in to the Hotel is an experience in itself. The front desk has a bunch of LEGO figurines displayed, and there’s even this huge bike display that goes back and forth. There’s an area off to the side where the kids can play as well. 

Also when you check in, the kids are handed a paper with a scavenger hunt. My kids were off to the races as soon as we got ours. The kids can do the hunt on the way to your room, or they can spread it out and do it throughout your stay. When there’s a prize attached, my kids are overachievers. They finished before we got to our room… Keep reading on to see where they collect their prize at. 

The Rooms at LEGOLAND Hotel


Each floor of LEGOLAND Hotel has a different theme that’s inspired by their different product lines. We stayed on the Pirate themed floor, and it was so well thought out. I can’t imagine what the other floors were like! Our suite had a separate kid room with a bunk bed and a trundle under the bottom bunk (great way to pack those kiddos in or have a friend come along). There’s also a TV in there so the parental units aren’t stuck watching kid shows with tunes that will live in your head forever. You know what I’m talking about.

There’s a pirate themed bathroom that separates the kid’s room from the adult’s room. Our favorite has to be the life-size LEGO pieces for decoration.

As you walk thru to get to the adult’s room, there a coffee bar that has plenty for all. Best part? The refreshments were complimentary! I’m talking juices and waters that you would be charged an arm and a leg for at other hotels. There’s also a mini fridge and microwave if you want to bring your own food and bevs. I don’t think the kids noticed the awesome LEGO head ice bucket because they went straight for the bins with LEGOs underneath.

Now to the parental unit’s unit. We had a King size bed with room decor that would make any little kid’s dreams come true! The 3-D LEGO displays were awesome, and even the rope on the curtains were so well thought out. Our room overlooked the pool, which I’m so surprised that we did not visit once!

Other fun things to do at LEGOLAND Hotel

Scavenger Hunt

Okay. So now back to the scavenger hunt. Although it ends in your room, I’m filing it under the “Other fun things to do” section because why not? Once your kid(s) find all the stuff on the scavenger hunt, they’re left with a code, which opens a combination safe with a prize inside. I won’t spoil the surprise, but the Sprouts loved it and saved me on buying souvenirs.

Kid’s Club

The big Pirate Ship play area was closed down when we visited, but that didn’t stop the party. The crew was awesome with the kids and really got the kids’ energy out. Carter wasn’t as interested, but Kelsey did not want to leave. She may have even nudged herself to the front a few times.

Outdoor Movie


There’s an outdoor patio area that has seating to lounge, eat, and you guessed it – watch a movie. We didn’t have much time to sit and watch because we were on a time crunch, but this would be a great way to wind down the night.

Swimming Pool


From what we could see from our room, the pool area looked like a LEGO paradise. The umbrellas and loungers were all colored like LEGO bricks, and the pool looked big. We’ll have to take a dip next time we visit. Or even better yet? Tag me in your pictures on Instagram (@spousesproutsme) so I can see your what it’s really like.

The Elevator

This is worth mentioning because our dancing feet were on FIAH (that’s fire for the peeps that aren’t with the times lol… kinda). It’s not your mama’s elevator music, unless your mama’s a cool mama. Like me… my kids don’t think so, but I’m still trying to convince them.

Oh and can’t forget the part that my family knows all too well…. Look at the picture below and see if you can guess. We had a couple walk by us looking at us all weird until they realized what was going on.

Final thoughts on LEGOLAND Hotel

So what do I really think about LEGOLAND hotel? I’d say it was pretty awesome and I would definitely go back again before my kids outgrow it. It’d be fun to experience the hotel without all of the COVID restrictions and closures, and be able to see the excitement on my kids’ faces. It’s a great family vacation with everything you need in one place, and if it’s not, there’s plenty close by. Well that’s all I have for you, my friends. I hope you enjoyed and hope you visit. Make sure to check out my Instagram for a Reel I created as well.

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