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Holiday Gift Guide – Family

Can you believe it’s already December?!?!? Well if not, then Get. It. Together! It’s DECEMBER!!! I really tried to get ahead of the game and start shopping early, but life got in the way, so…. I am scrambling to get all the gift giving done. I’ll be sharing different gift guides throughout the month so stay tuned and hopefully something works for you. I’m kicking this series off with the Family Gift Guide.

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Family Gift Guide

Not only are all of these games suitable for all ages, but they’re actually fun for all ages too! It gets us all off of the screen and really get in some laughs with each other.

I was gifted both Mind the Gap and Boom Goes the Dynamite and we had such a fun time playing them.

Mind the Gap is great for bringing all of the generations together. I must say – I really thrive off of this one and may be a little too competitive. Pop Culture is my Jam!

Mind the Gap - Family Gift Guide -

Boom Goes the Dynamite is a fun memory game with some twists and turns. Bonus – it’s great for teaching the Sprouts some math too.

Boom Goes the Dynamite - Family Gift Guide -

Oh and as an added bonus – Add incorporate the games into your Holiday decorations for easy access. Now that’s what I call a win-win! Have you played any of these games, and/or do you have a favorite family game to play?

Family Gift Guid -

Family Gift Guid -

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