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Coronavirus & Managing Work / School Closure / Life Balance

Schools, Sports, and Travel oh my! If you’re living in today’s world (and you know you are), then the Coronavirus is most likely on the top of your mind. With school closures, sporting events, social gatherings, and traveling all canceled or temporarily suspended – your mind may be spinning with what do to, how to manage, or have several questions about the whole ordeal. I’m no pro, and still figuring it out myself, however, I have some resources that you may find helpful.

School Closures during Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

My husband and I are blessed in this situation because we own our own businesses and can work from home or take the time off to watch our kids. Not saying it won’t take a hit on our finances, or it won’t be hard, but in times like these, you do what you have to do. There’s been some significant changes in my business so my husband will be playing Mr. Mom, and teacher.

Normalcy for our children in times like these, is probably one of our top priorities. With that said, sticking to a schedule as close to their school schedule may be helpful. If you don’t know what that is, go to the school’s website or email the teacher to ask. And if that doesn’t work, this graphic I found on Facebook is a good start.

***I wish I could find who created it, so I could credit them. I just found it posted everywhere but no credit to who it belongs to. If you created this, please email me so I can give you the credit for it.***

With social distancing, another thing we can do, is allow our kids to FaceTime their school buddies and they can read to each other or do study time together. There are also a lot of at home learning resources you can use. If your kids are anything like mine – they’d rather learn from someone else other than me. Our school does some online learning like Zearn, Smarty Ants, and Freckle; so we have access to those, but if you don’t, here are some options:

I know that this is a lot of screen time, but like any other time, just monitor and limit their time. These are just some ideas of course, and if you have any other ideas or advice, I’d love to hear about it.

Work Life during Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

For some, this might may not be an issue, but for most, it is. If you’re able to work from home, then I highly recommend time-blocking. Get cracking on work during those academic free time, free play, etc. It’ll go in spurts, but get as much done as you can. Get up early and stay up late to catch up or finish. This is just temporary so do what you have to do. I saw someone had mentioned having the high school kids watch the kids during the day while you have to work, but I don’t know how safe that is if we’re supposed to be practicing social distancing for now.

If you’re not able to work from home, have to go in to work, and don’t have family or friends that can help out, I know there are some schools that are not shut down (because they only have a certain amount of kids) that will temporarily take on a limited amount of kids. I don’t have links to who does, but check your city website or education board.

Life Balance during Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

Since we can’t do our normal stuff for now (zoo, parks, visit people, travel, etc.) getting creative with your time inside is a must. Cook together, teach the kids how to cook, clean, get those projects you’ve been waiting to get to done, organize, create a TikTok account and start TikToking together (we are totally doing this), sit down and talk to each other (did I really have to say that?), play boardgames, make up a game, work out together, and who knows what else. GET CREATIVE! Someone even recommended having an online party. You drink your drink at home, they drink their drink at home, you get on FaceTime with each other, and just party lol. See? Creative.

Coronavirus Resources

As I said before, I am no pro. I’m lucky enough though, to have access to some pros. A few weeks back, I was in Ohio at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital grand opening of the Big Lot’s Behavioral Health Pavilion, and they continue to be a great resource for me, and hopefully for you. There’s a wealth of knowledge on their site, but here are some key ones:

How to talk to kids about the Coronavirus

How to talk to your kids about disappointment

Listen to a Podcast from Dr. Mike

What parents need to know about Coronavirus

This is one from my friend who is also a blogger, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapist.

Age appropriate way to talk to your kids about Coronavirus

There’s also a new FaceBook group for parents called “Learning in Corona.” I’d say this is more of a support group and parents sharing ideas. I’d be cautious and not take all the information given as fact.

This is all I have for you for now, but definitely take advantage of the resources I’ve provided. Now back to me trying to create normalcy for my family… and for you too! Comment below with any tips or advice you may have.

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  1. The first day the schools were closed, my son’s kindergarten teacher sent us that exact same graphic. Definitely a good idea to have a schedule when the schools are closed and others aren’t keeping your kids on a schedule. As a second-shifter, this is completely new to me. Early mornings are foreign. But we’re slowly adapting and learning together 🙂

    1. Schedules definitely make a difference. Hang in there. We’re all in this together. You got this!

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