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7 Holiday Traditions

Are you a family full of traditions, or are you just looking to start some up? Our family is a good mixture of the two. My husband and I are rebellious and like to be the trailblazers of them all, lol. So with that said, we’ve come up with our own family traditions, and I think they are working out quite well.

1. One Christmas gift to open on Tree Decorating night

7 Holiday Traditions -

7 Holiday Traditions -

I’ve never really been big on presents over the years because I’ve seen how ungrateful people can be or the debt that some go into from it. I’m starting to soften up a bit with it because, well you know – kids. Something about the excitement from my kids opening up a present is just so heart-warming. So on the first night we decorate our tree, we let our kids open one present.

2. One new ornament for each person every year

7 Holiday Traditions -

7 Holiday Traditions -

This one is a fun one for us all. I can get pretty obsessed with the theme of the tree but since having kids, I’ve had to let that go a bit. Everyone gets to pick out an ornament (usually under $5), and it doesn’t matter what it is.

3. Baking cookies for the neighbors

7 Holiday Traditions -

I’m not Betty Crocker, but I can definitely bake some pre-made cookie dough… sometimes. I guess I just had to learn my oven. Well our old neighbors used to gift the neighbors with cookies and treats, so we decided to start reciprocating. It’s a small gesture, but a great way for the kids to start learning about giving, and meeting the neighbors as well.

4. Our friend’s Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

7 Holiday Traditions -

You can always host yourself, but why when you can dirty someone else’s house, lol. Just kidding. We do our fair share of hosting too. Our really good friends who are more like Framily, host a party every year, and each year there is a male and female winner. My husband won last year with that fireplace onesie. It’s fun to get in the spirit and show them what you’re made of. We’ll be headed to the party again this weekend.

5. Reading “The Night Before Christmas” the night before Christmas

7 Holiday Traditions -

My MIL and DIL gave Carter “The Night Before Christmas” one year and it was a book where they recorded their voices reading the story. It’s become a tradition where we bust out the book and let the kids press the buttons to let Nana and Papa read to them.

6. Letter from Santa on Christmas morning

7 Holiday Traditions -

So kids usually write Santa a letter, and you leave milk and cookies out for him on Christmas Eve. Well we also have Carter write a note to leave with the cookies, and then in the morning, we leave Santa’s letter back to him next to the empty plate. It just says Thank You and what he did good throughout the year and what he could work on for the next.

7. Elf on the Shelf


We all know the great Elf. He hasn’t made his appearance this year yet because we still haven’t put up our tree! We’ve been plagued with the FLU so we’re moving slow. On the night we put up the tree and decorations, we read the Elf book and our Elf gets to working. We really need to step up our Elf game, but it’s a fun tradition that helps us parents out too! I tell Carter that the Elf is reporting back to Santa every night.

There’s definitely a lot more traditions out there like Pajamas the night before Christmas or Ginger Bread House decoration contests, but these 7 are what made the cut at the Silva house. What are some traditions that you have in your household?


  1. First of all, you have such a beautiful family 🙂
    I love the idea of a gift on Christmas tree decoration night. Great tips! Thanks mama!

  2. I just got that exact fireman outfit for my niece who wants to be a firefighter when she grows up! And for out Christmas eve book, we read the Polar Express!

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