Family Emergency Car Kit

Emergency Car Kit -

If you’re in Southern California, or anywhere in California, then you probably heard about or even felt the recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Ridgecrest. It’s such a scary thought to know that this was so close to home and that another big one could hit soon. When that does, will you be prepared? The Department of Homeland Security website has a list of the basic disaster supplies kit that I will definitely be shopping for.

As paranoid as I am, I’m surprised I don’t have a home disaster kit. I do however, have a Family Emergency Car Kit. So since everyone is not as paranoid as I am, I’m here to be paranoid for you and save you some time and sanity. I think I’ve had plenty of moments where my child threw up on themselves or whined about being freezing cold even though the heaters on in the car. Aside from the typical car kit when your car breaks down, here’s what I have in my Family Emergency Car Kit. Don’t get overwhelmed because there is A LOT! but rest assured it will all fit and come in handy.

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First Aid Kit – This will have all the basics like bandaids, Neosporin, aspirin, etc.

Flashlight – In case we’re ever stranded somewhere in the dark.

Lighter – In case we need to start a fire or light the candle.

Candle and Crayons – Crayons can actually hold a flame so these can come in quite handy.

Sanitizing Wipes – I hate germs, and I’m sure you do too. If the kids are throwing up, you’re going to want to clean and sterilize that ish up right away!

Travel Blanket – This comes in 2 parts for me. My kids love blankets over the heater, and I’m paranoid about being stuck in a snow storm and the car not turning on… we don’t even live where it snows, but you never know!

Allergy Medicine – My husband has to take an allergy pill EVERY. FREAKING. DAY! If he forgets, I at least have some in the car.

Children’s Benadryl – This one is important to me because my daughter is allergic to eggs. We’re super careful but if by chance something eggie gets in her system, we are prepared.

Children’s Tylenol – The first aid kit most likely doesn’t have a kid dosage so this is a must for me.

Sunscreen – I’m pretty bad about remembering to lather up at home so it’s always good to have a set on-the-go.

Poop Baggies – Barf, Smelly diapers, trash, etc. These little doggie poop bags work perfectly.

Diapers – I always seem to run out so it’s nice to have a back up set.

Rash Cream – For those sensitive booties…

Diaper Wipes – Same thing here. I always run out because I use them for EVERYTHING.

Toilet Paper – I don’t ever want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere and have nothing to wipe with. I’m not using leaves!

Tampons – I suck at keeping track of my period, so when Aunt Flo decides to visit, I have a back-up set in the car.

Snacks – My kids are always hungry at the most random time so I like to have back up snacks when that happens.

Hand Towel – In case the kiddo gets wet or you need to wash them up. This is just easier to fit in the tub as well.

Extra Clothes – I usually have a set of work out clothes for all of us in case there’s a pee accident, a kid threw up on me, etc. Work out clothes just tend to be lighter so it’ll take up less space.

Extra PJs for the kids – In case we’re out late somewhere and I don’t want to deal with it later on when they’re passed out.

Water Bottles – I have an extra compartment in my trunk so I usually store a few water bottles there because it’s out of the sun. This is probably the only item I don’t keep in the tub itself.


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