How to find the Secret Swings in La Jolla

So I posted this picture a while back and then started getting a bunch of questions asking where it was. Well my friends – today you’re in luck. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. It’s in La Jolla over at the UCSD area.

Secret Swings - La Jolla, CA -

The swings get switched out by the locals every so often and there’s someone that paints the seat with artwork or messages. We went on a plain seat day. Next time…. It’s a quick little trail walk and ends with a beautiful view. We took the long way because we were searching for it, but eventually found it. The walk became a little adventure for us so that was nice.

Secret Swings - La Jolla, CA - www.spousesproutsme.com0506-2019-110804520512171242381841709731598711398.jpeg0506-2019-114811020492236703743828935567661023059.jpegSecret Swings - La Jolla, CA -

So I’m sure you’re wondering where the heck is it exactly?!?!?! Well I’m glad you asked and stuck around.

Secret Swings - La Jolla, CA - www.spousesproutsme.com0506-2019-1124369205284951151876330528627438091405.jpegSecret Swings - La Jolla, CA - www.spousesproutsme.com0506-2019-1138366204824924636427906598192165207737.jpeg

There are 2 ways to get there. One is down the wood plank steps by the Birch Aquarium parking lot, and the other is by the UCSD Coastal Apartments off Discovery Way and Redwood Drive.  When you’re finally there, be sure to take it all in and appreciate the beauty all around you. LOL, was that zen enough?

Secret Swings - La Jolla, CA -

Once the June Gloom clears up, I’m sure there will be some spectacular views. Let me know if you’ve ever been or plan on doing so. Tag me (@spousesproutsme) in your pictures when you do, so I can see which swing seat you got.

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