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Has anyone ever told you that you’re “looking through rose colored glasses?” Well today, it’s a positive thing. Because we’re talking about eye love, and how you’re protecting them using:


Yup! You heard that right – Blue Light Blocking Glasses. As a part of my “Self-Care” intent, I decided to show my eyes some love too. My vision sucks, and it doesn’t help when I’m sitting in front of a screen all day or having to go back and forth on my phone. For the last 5 years, my vision has changed two times per year! So no Lasik for me =( My optometrist had suggested turning down the blue light on my screen, buying a blue light blocking screen cover, or something like that; so I decided to get on my computer and just start GTS-ing (Google that sh*t). Lo and behold – Amazon popped up with these amazing spectacles.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Blue Light Blocking Glasses -

The pair I ended up getting is from TIJN. I was super excited because they’re cute, the color is awesome, and they were pretty reasonable. This doesn’t require a prescription so you can wear them right over your eyes or contacts. This picture from Amazon with their claims is what then sucked me in after all that superficial stuff:

TIJN Diagram from Amazon
Image from

I just bought these so I don’t have any news to share about my vision just yet. I’m really hoping that they work out great because I’ll be pulling an Oprah and “you get a pair, you get a pair, and you get a pair!” If you’re not already doing so, please be sure to follow me on Instagram because I’ll be giving you a play-by-play as soon as I get some more screen time in. I really just wanted to get on here and spread the word about these glasses because I’m so excited about them!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses -

Now this leaves me to ask – do any of you wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses, and how are they working out so far? I’d love you hear from you below.


  1. I just put a pair of blue light blocking glasses on my Amazon Wish List because I do a lot of computer work before bed. I’ve been reading how the light from electronics messes up your sleep. Interested to hear if these make a difference for you!

    1. The pair I got were only $15. I’m noticing that my eyes aren’t straining as much so far.

  2. I suffer from eye strain (have had a crazy, on-and-off eye twitch for weeks) and I swear it’s from looking at a screen all day. I’ve never even thought of blue light-blocking glasses but I will def. be looking into these!!!

    1. You definitely should. I totally freak out when my eyes twitch. One of the reasons why I looked into these.

  3. I got blue filtering glasses and thought they helped on my last pair of prescription glasses. The lenses were ridiculously expensive. My current pair doesn’t have them and I can tell you there’s a huge different. It was worth the money.

    1. Someone had me told me they got their prescription through Costco and it was reasonable. I don’t know what reasonable is to them, but it’s worth a shot. I get my glasses through goggles4u.

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