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Traveling with Kids at the Airport

Tyler and I just got back from our first Adult Trip in 2 years! The last time we did that was October 2016. We did a tour of the South: Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. My MIL and AIL were nice enough to fly in to watch the kids for a week. I was pretty anxious since that was the first time that both Tyler and I were away from the kids for that long at the same time. These adult trips are always so bittersweet. It’s great to have that break and reconnect with your spouse, however, you’re leaving your babies behind and that kinda sucks because you miss them so much, and they miss you so much.

Traveling with kids at the Airport - Southwest Airlines - www.spousesproutsandme.comSo on to the point of this post. It was such a breeze going through TSA, boarding the plane, and sitting through our flight, that it was really sad to see other people with little kids, struggling. I’m pretty much a pro at this point when it comes to traveling with little kids, and it’s been pointed out by people standing next to me as well, so why not offer some advice? That was a completely rhetorical question right there, so don’t answer – just read.


  • BOOK a flight during nap time: If you can swing it, always book that flight that’s during nap time. You might be able to get some peace and quiet while on the plane. If not, hopefully your flight attendants are as awesome as the ones we usually get on Southwest. We’ve been lucky enough where the flight attendants have kept our kiddos busy!Traveling with kids at the Airport - Southwest Airlines -
  • ALWAYS check in your luggage: who needs to be lugging around a bunch of bags when you have little kids to chase around?… unless your kid lugs the luggage for you. It’s going to be stressful enough getting everyone through TSA and onto the plane. I usually just have our Diaper Backpack filled with all the essentials, snacks, and entertainment. 2018-06-04 22.37.08
  • CHECK in the stroller: The stroller may be convenient while you’re at the airport, however, it’s a complete hassle going through TSA. It’s not all that easy having to wrangle kids and fold up a stroller at the same time, to slide through the x-ray machine. If you’re traveling with a baby, use a baby carrier instead, and hold the other child’s hand. If you have multiple babies, then maybe hold on to that stroller. Just make sure to get it tagged before you board the plane. Always check the updated TSA guidelines, but you shouldn’t have to take your baby out of the carrier while going through TSA.
  • REMOVE snacks from your carry-on: This is a huge time saver. When you’re traveling with babies, you usually get pulled aside after you go through TSA to get your hands scanned. That’s pretty quick. What’s not quick, is if you get your bag pulled aside to get inspected. This has only happened to me because I had food/snacks in my bag that I didn’t take out during the x-ray. Do yourself a favor and just pull that ish out!
  • CHANGE diapers, go potty, and put on Jammies (if it’s night time) before you board: The lavatories are small, so if you have to help your child go potty, you better pray you can squeeze your skinny ass in there with your child, while they’re yelling at you not to stare at them. And if you have to change a diaper, either cross your fingers no one is sitting next to you giving you the death stare that you’re changing your kid’s diaper (ON A MAT PLEASE) on the seat, or be ready for the plank of a changing table in that lavatory. 
  • NURSE, gum, feed: It’s always so sad hearing babies scream because their ears hurt during take off and landing. They can’t do anything about it, but we can. Stick that baby on the boob, give that child a bottle, or gum, or food, or whatever to get their chompers moving. There’s always that one parent that didn’t know to do this, so SPREAD THE WORD, and help a stressed traveling parent…. and child. It’s already anxiety central trying to keep our kids calm and quiet, but then there’s always that grumpy person next door, giving you dirty looks because you have a child with you, adding on 10 times more stress. Don’t mind those miserable people. It’s way harder on you than it is inconvenient for them. So don’t be a goob, give them a boob (or whatever).

Traveling with kids at the Airport - Southwest Airlines -

This is all I can think of for now. As for our trip – I’ll get some posts up about them later. I’d love to see your comments below with your airport tips with kids.


  1. Hi! I found your blog through the Mom Bloggers Collective prompt for today. This is a fairly new topic as I haven’t flown anywhere with my 3 kids just yet. In fact, I’m terrified to do it but your advice puts me at ease. However, we have traveled by car to several places. And the farthest we have driven was to Destin, Florida. That was a tough road trip with kids ages 2, 5, and 7!

  2. Thank you! It can be really hard to travel on planes with kids. Any bit of advice helps! Awesome that you got to go on a kid-free trip! Sounds like a dream! Love the blog and looking forward to reading more!

    1. Thank you and I really appreciate it! The trip was much needed for sure. I actually wish my kids were with me on this plane ride because there were a lot of kids on there. They could’ve all occupied each other.

  3. GREAT TIPS! Have to say though, we don’t have kids as yet but every time we fly, there’s inevitably a young family sitting next to us… sometimes you feel so sorry for the parents! Now I know what they are going through (a little), thanks for sharing this!

    1. I’m happy to say I’ve only had grumpy people next to me once but after the flight they admitted they weren’t thrilled to be next to me but were very surprised how good my children did.

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