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Celebrating Dia De Los Muertos

As crazy as it may seem, if it weren’t for the movie Coco, I probably wouldn’t know what Dia De Los Muertos was all about. My son started to learn about it last week, and there was a huge celebration going on in Old Town, so we decided to trek on over and check it out. Dia De Los Muertos is translated into English as Day of the Dead, and is celebrated on November 1-2. It’s a day family and friends come together to offer hospitality to the dead – Altars are built with pictures of  loved ones that passed away, along with food, water, and pictures, candles, toys, etc.

There were so many displays of the Sugar Skulls and skeletons everywhere. It was definitely festive. Tyler and I were really shocked that Kelsey wasn’t scared at all. She was waving hi to everyone and thought it was so cool that her brother had his face painted as well.

If you’re ever in San Diego over the weekend of November 1-2, I’d highly recommend checking this even out. It’s great for both kids and adults, and Old Town is probably on your list of places to visit anyway.


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