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Packing 101: How to Pack for a family of four in ONE Suitcase

Packing 101

Hey you guys. Thanks for coming back for another Tip Tuesday… I guess that’s what it’s turned into. Today, I’m showing you how to pack a crap load of stuff for a family of 4. I was packing for a 5 day trip to Seattle, WA. I seriously pride myself on my super ninja packing skills, and have been complimented on it several times. So why not share my wealth of knowledge?!?!?!

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This may be a little deceiving because the picture down there was only about 85% of what was packed. I like to lay everything out before I get started so I can see what I’m working with. What I’m not working with here are my husband’s clothes. I make him pull his clothes together.

2018-06-03 17.54.17

2018-06-03 18.10.37-1

2018-06-03 18.16.11

2018-06-03 18.16.36

  1. I always start by stuffing all the folded undergarments, swimsuits, and of course – my reusable breast pads (BEST THING EVER) – into the netted section.
  2. Alternate pants along the bottom of the suit case, with the legs hanging out.
  3. Fold thinner fabric items, then roll them up tightly and lay them over the pants. I like to get the items rolled up in as close of length as possible, and organize by each person.
  4. Once piled to the top, fold the pants over the top, alternating pant legs on each side.

I procrastinated on packing this time so I only took pictures of mine and my kiddos’ clothes. Here are some additional tips on packing that might save you the headache later:

  1. This is an old suitcase, so there’s a pocket on the outside of the suitcase. That’s where I stuff all of my daughter’s diapers. If you’re not having to deal with diapers, that’s where I would normally pack flip flops, flats, hair curler, etc.
  2. Rolling the clothes up tightly allows you to pack more, but it also packs on the L.B.s. With that said, if you’re flying, you may want to spread the clothes out to another suitcase so you don’t go over the weight limit. If you’re driving, then you’re golden!
  3. If you’re packing your shoes into the same suitcase, use a shower cap or plastic bag to store your shoes into before placing them in the suitcase (who wants nasty shoe germs touching your clean clothes??!?!?!).
  4. If your toiletries are going into the suitcase too, put the liquids in a ziptop bag first, so if it explodes, it’s all in the baggie.
  5. Pack a trash bag so you can place your dirty clothes (or clean clothes) into them when you pack back up. I usually put the dirty clothes so I can just dump it out when I get home and the suit case stays clean inside.

Hope these tips help. What are some of your tips and tricks for packing?



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