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Hello Blog World & Happy Birthday to ME!

Great Wheel - Seattle, WA
Great Wheel in Seattle, WA.
Hello blog-world! My first post… how exciting! What better way and day to get started than on my birthday?!?!?! My name is Jenny and I’m a wife, mom, and business owner. I never thought that I’d get into this blogging thing, however, I think it’s going to be nice to have this corner of the internet to reflect, share my nifty tricks, and give you a little glimpse into my family life. I’m not sure how to start this off, so let’s just jump right in with a Friday Five (I’m corny like that) about me? It’s obvious that I love my family, so let’s get to some fun ones:


  • 7-Eleven is my jam! I love my fancy lattes and am always game for wings, however, I’d rather have a coffee and some fresh wings from 7-Eleven any day (Gross… I know).
  • Jeans, Flip flops, and Tank Tops are my jam. I’ve been known to wear flip flops in the rain.
  • I figure skated for 11 years, and cheered for 5.. or 6 years.
  • I live by the beach and I love the beach, however, I’m not a fan of the sand and I’m pretty chicken of the water, but…. I do love to go boating on the water.
  • I’m a Tobasco Sauce fanatic. I had over 10 bottles at one point, and before I had my first kid, I used to carry a Costco sized bottle in my purse…. along with a Costco sized bottle of Tums.

What are some fun facts about you and what are some topics you would like me to write about? I’d love to hear from you.

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